Sparta Beautiful Hyaluronic Acid, 1 ml, Filler for the Hyaluron Pen

Sparta Beautiful Hyaluronic Acid, 1 ml, Filler for the Hyaluron Pen


Sparta Beautiful Hyaluronic Acid Gel, Filler for the Hyaluron Pen, 1 ml -10 ml choices. Use our gel lip filler with the Hyaluron pen (Hya Pens), Dermal rollers or micro needling systems. Our powerful serum is cross-linked and biodegradable. That means lasting results. The Serum is superior at moisturizing the skin while adding plumping to applied areas. Watch as fine lines disappear. Our serum is the best choice for superior skin hydration. How is our serum the best? It plumps and softens facial, neck and lip area while plumping fine lines and lip lines.

Sparta’s hyaluronic acid gel, paired with micro needling helps t even skin tone. How to use? Smply apply the serum to the face, neck and following area: The forehead, lips, marionette lines and crows’ feet. To achieve the appearance of smoother and firmer appearing skin dermal roll weekly. How do we make collagen naturally? We derma roll! Sparta Beautiful hyaluronic acid is a serum that provides luminous results by using it with the Hyaluron pen or derma roller. A natural looking difference when use with our serum. Hyaluron acid is a substance inside the body. When absorbed by the skin it expands ten times its weight.

How do we know hyaluronic acid has little side effects? We know this because hyaluronic acid gel is a natural sugar our bodies produce. It is important to train and understand the side effects from the tools you use. Hyaluron and Meso pens require practice and training. Please be aware redness, irritation and other side effects may occur from the tool. Therefore, any skin irritation is likely due to the tool. Since our Hyaluronic Acid delivers superior results, do not abuse or overuse it. We have sold thousand of serums. Our customer satisfaction rate is 99%. We have earned consistent 5-star ratings!


This product is intended for Cosmetic Use only.

  • Product Specification

    1 ml Sodium Hyaluronate, Water

    Biodegradable Single packet 18x6x30.2 kg, Gel Particle  0.15 ml  guage head to insert serum into essence chambers.


  • Item Detail

    Sparta Beautiful Hyaluronic Acid Gel for The Hyaluron Pen and Microneedling and Meso systems, our serum offers the public Cosmetic beauty services at the fraction of the cost of spa's. Our cross-linked formula for the Hyaluron Pen is made specifically to easily flow and allow the Hyaluronic Gel to ease through the ampoules via little waste while providing skin with glowing, hydrated and premium results! The Serum differences range in thickness as the Hyaluron Pen gel differs than the Microneedling gel. Therefore; since, Hyaluronic Acid is a natural sugar our body produces, our serums have no known side effects. Which is why it’s important to train and fully understand the tools that you use for product application. The Hyaluron Pen, Microneedling systems, Dermal rolling and Meso Pens are all tools that require practice, training and understanding. Therefore, redness, irritation and other side effects can occur from the tool application, not the serum. Due to the fact that the serum does deliver superior results, it is important not to overuse or abuse the usage of serums. Our company has received 99.9% of Five star reviews for our serums as skin rejuvenation is the most important factor being the largest organ on our body. Take care of it, nourish it with Sparta Beautiful.