Collagen & Peptide Serum

Collagen & Peptide Serum


Sparta Beautiful stance against wrinkles with our Collagen and Peptide Serum. Boost your skins hydration while supplementing collagen by applying Sparta's Collagen & Peptide serum in partnership with The Hydra Pen to your weekly skin care routine to support the appearance of younger looking skin. The Hydra Pen assures the properties in the serum... Hyaluronic acid combined with effective antioxidant additives absorb into the facial area providing luminous results. After weekly use, this product visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Powerful Copper Peptides, Collagen concentrate and vitamins nourish the skin to contribute to increased hydration and elastin, the work horse for a healthy complexion. We have carefully crafted this product to provide beautiful skin results. 

  • Product Specification

     Water,1, 3 Propanediol, Copper Tripeptide, Sodum Hyaluronate,