Hydra Pen Cartridge

Hydra Pen Cartridge


Sparta Beautiful Hydra Pen Disposable tips with essence chamber for use with our Hyaluronic Acid Serums and essences to boost hydration and skin exfoliation - a necessity for skin rejuvenation! This revolutionary H2O pen allows serums, Peptides, Amino Acids and all of the Essence of your choice to be placed directly on the skin during needling sessions. Perfect use to "Nano" our HA for a luminous glow.

Hydra Pen H12 Cartridge
  • Product Specification

    Disposable Tip cartirdiges, Sterile 12 H- depth size 

     0.25 mm



    (Nano Sold in Shop) BB GLOW - BB BLUSH & Daily Exfoliation Cartridge