Sparta Beautiful Lip Stick Crayon & Blush All Natural

Sparta Beautiful Lip Stick Crayon & Blush All Natural


Sparta Beautiful Lipstick crayon. ALL NATURAL, luxurious organic Lip Stick crayon and Cheek color. Get up to eight hours of luminous coverage. The crayon glides on easy. the crayon doubles as a cheek color. define your facial features with our multi-purpose crayon. Due to the organic nature, the crayon is subtle and moisturizing.

Each layer is rich with color due to our natural ink technology. it effortlessly glides across your lip and skin. our blush and lip crayon is Organic and Never Tested on Animals. How do we assure our products are safe and organic? we offer the bunny seal of approval. Sparta Beautiful delivers a wide variety of shades. Sparta uses only the best, Top quality ingredients. why do we use top quality ingredients? For staying power and to offer a natural moisturizing lip and cheek color crayon. You can trust your skin and face with Sparta. you should only wear the safest and purest cosmetics possible. How does Sparta Beautiful lipstick crayon make this possible? our lipstick and cheek color crayon is made from natural beeswax of organic origin.

natural beeswax delivers a protective layer on the skin. It also doubles as a humectant which means it attracts water. Due to this fact, both of these qualities help the skin remain hydrated. organic beeswax is a powerful anti-oxidant and a natural exfoliator for the skin. organic beeswax is ideal for sloughing away dead skin cells. Therefore, Sparta Beautiful feels these are a few reasons why we believe in the importance of offering organic materials when possible.

simply remove the top from the crayon. gently twist the cap free. to free crayon space, easily twist the bottom counter clock wise. Thus, reveal more subtle color. we offer lip colors in calm, beautiful or vibrant & daring color selections.